Thursday, September 20, 2007

Promised notes

Here are the promised notes from Monday's CAM meeting:

Exhortation from Bill Otten – “Keep your eyes on your mission...Everything else will follow:
Provision, People, Increase, etc..."

Ken Sumrall’s Q & A
Can you define destiny as it relates to the Kingdom of God? Is our destiny set?
“I don’t want to theologically debate free-will vs. predestination. That’s not our purpose here. I will direct you to several scriptures:”

· Jeremiah 29:11
· Romans 12:1-8
· Romans 11:33-36
o “Perhaps Paul is giving revelation that He himself does not even understand. Just a thought…”
· “There is no shortcut to your destiny pray in the spirit. Listen to what God says and obey!”
· Apostle L.A. Joiner added: “You can only do what God has called you to do. The grace of God is fullest in the will of God. You can’t place your journey on others and others can’t live out your journey.”
· KS added: “You must die! The crucified life is the only path to fulfill God’s will in your life.”

Give three (four) keys to being successful in ministry leadership:
1. “You must properly define success”
2. “ I learned this long ago from Charles Blair:” To be successful in ministry you must:

· Agonize – In prayer.
· Visualize – by faith …If you don’t see it others won’t either. Prov. 29:18
· Organize – Think steps not programs. Start with the end in mind.
· Deputize: Bring others aboard. Moses & Jethro. True success is a successor.
· Supervise: Hold people accountable. People don’t do what you expect…they do what you inspect.

3. I want people with convictions and passion!
· All the apostles were martyred except John. People don’t go around martyring mambi –pambies.
· It was said of Jesus: “zeal for your house has consumed me!”
· Keep the pulpit hot!

4. Embrace the cross! (Stay broken)
· Die to yourself!
· Die to political ladder climbing
· Die to numbers…numbers are not success.
· Obedience is success. Do what God says. Love Him and love & reach people.

Should we build larger buildings or go to multi-site or satellite locations?
You have to obey the Lord. We went to multi-site at Liberty in the early 1980’s. I liked it because more people got to minister. You must factor in the size of your town and the culture.

How have you maintained Integrity of Heart through the years?
Through accountability and relationships. Ministers need spiritual fathers.
· 2 Corinthians 2:17 ESV For we are not, like so many, peddlers of God's word, but as men of sincerity, as commissioned by God, in the sight of God we speak in Christ.
· Keep your clothes on.
· L.A. Joiner added, “Watch out for the three “G’s”: The gold, the glory and the girls (or guys)”

How do you balance ministry and family? I failed for years. You must learn to say “no”.

Should a church be missional or attractional? Both. We should remain missional. I like the term “GLOCAL”. Check that out. If you don’t your people won’t.”

Teresa Joiner ended with this exhortation: “There are no patterns. There are no short cuts. Moses heard from God to speak to the rock. However, in his frustration he reverted to striking the rock. His disobedience cost him entering the promise land. We must be people who spend time with God to hear His heart and plans. There is simply no other way.”

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