Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ecstatic!...Thoughts on Celebration

I orginally posted this on another site on July 1, 2007...
Today’s Celebration was excellent! Once again, I’m so proud of our church family. Everyone functioned in teamwork and with excellence and it paid off. It was so exciting to see 6 or 7 people make first time commitments for Christ. WOW...just think they (and their families – Acts 16:11) will never be the same. I don’t know where to start thanking people. Pastor Sharon and the entire kids ministry team knocked a homerun with “Not Forgotten” and “Breathe Prophesy”. It was very encouraging to see our interns function in the lead parts and planning of the arts piece. Go Sarah, Chris, and Tyson! You guys rock!!
Marty and the praise team were on this morning. Welcome aboard Kelly! It is going to be amazing having your skill set on stage now! Billy and Cindy delivered again from the Tech Team. It was also a pleasure to honor Becky McClellan and Angie Meek who are stepping down after a couple of years as being Nursery coordinators. They have raised the level of safety and security in our Preschool ministries. It is going to be fun to watch and see what Sean and Beckie Norton do in there.
Please be in prayer for Pastor Chris’ back. We need him healthy and back in the game. He is really being burdened for outreach events in our community. Everyone in Columbia County should have the opportunity to experience the love and grace of God like we did this morning!
That’s enough for today. After all, I’m not writing a book (yet).I love you all.

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